Meet JC Team

Juloconnect exist to make a difference in Social Community that have been preach wrongly globally. Join Juloconnect and get the right connection and earning you need. 

Below are JuloConnect Founding Team that have make this idea and initiative posible.


Onyema shedrach is a Tech Geek from Nigeria in West Africa. He grow up in  the street, eat and work the same part of normal country man in any country of the world. Shedrach as he is called by so many have been the brain behind so many Finetech establishment in Nigeria he have developed apps and worked in saveral project in different industry such as Telecommunication, Mobile App Development, Crypto-currency Adoption, WebDesign and Development etc.

Shedrach as any other person in the world have failed and succeded in so many adventure in life. He is describe by close friend as God sent Business Consultant and also seen as the next robot in the world. He never have formal education where bhe acquired his skills or being lucky to get a lot of Degree or to acquired so many Certificate that will be burnt one day or put him into confusion the more.

According to Shedrach, he belive in action and trying, failing and succeding in-between. Unlike any other Entrprenuer around the world, he is not a rich fake guy on the internet but a commited web programmer doing his stuff on PC and Ipad all Day and Night. He is a Young guy without a friend and enemy in-between plus a knowlegde filled developer without a tutor or a mentor. Shedrach is proud to tell his audience that whatever you can think and imagine, you can achieve it using Technology. 


I am not a CEO that enrich myself. I have a vision of starting a social network in the world which it's main purpose is to end poverty in the whole world starting from Nigeria, Africa and the globe.

Many people may doubt the above statment, but I have being there before like you in the street where we here how this guy on the net worth Billion of $, how this company on the internet have worth Billion of $ but if you look very closely, those company or indvidual you here on the internet today never have solid plan for their followers or participant who made them very rich today. They expliot their participant time, energy, data and yet theri participant go home remaining broke but this is what Juloconnect is here to fight against. Juloconnect is the first Social Network with Internal revenue system that pay all her participant raw cash for their active participation in the platform and only project where I have to be known after 12 years of undergournd App and Project developement and this is where I hope to end my journey in internet Creation.

What I mean by this statement is that people doubt about Julocconet will lead to it massive expantion and people adoption of Juloconnect will lead to it rovalution in Social network which ever one that happen first,  I will take Juloconnect across the entire globe and make sure the dream is achieve even if cost me my Life in the process.

I hate the fact that people don't get rewarded in all their social activities and that is why Juloconnect was developed to solve this issue. Even though I am an African by origine and Race, Technology did not say that I am an African and all Country are equal before the global Village. I therefore encourage everyone in the street, state, countries and the global village to advocate the Social network of Juloconnect across all countries of the world becuase without massive adoption of Juloconnect, this vission won't be realise and we all will go back to old function of burning data, time, energy without being paid and remaining broke in a platform like this.


I will say yes to that, if you can trust other platform like the one you are using presently which you have being using for years now without being paid for all your activities then you can trust Juloconnect. The platform is not run by people without direction and the team at Joluconnect is not doing guest work. Julocconnect Team are committed to stand by our world of how our  program works and run. We are transperent Social Network advocate of revenue earning plus social interaction platform in the world.


Shedrach have skills in Open Source Scripting, C#, PHP, Java, Python, Graphic etc. He love to code apps and not to think App.

Hobbies: Music and Coding

Connect with Shedrach on Juloconnet by clicking here.